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Tutus Static

Tutus static rope is an EN 1891 low stretch kermantel rope from English Braids. The ropes are of high strength for use in rope access, fall safety systems, rescue and caving.

The English Braids static ropes have a high proportion of sheath to cover ratio which provides improved abrasion protection and reduced sheath slippage. To ensure the product is of the highest standard we use high quality yarns, the most modern of machinery and a stringent quality control process.
Manufactured in diameters of 9mm, 10.5mm, 11mm and 12mm the products have an excellent compatibility with all leading brands of hardware and available in white, black and a wide range of colours.


Диаметр (mm)Масса (kg/100)Усилие на разрыв (kg)

Типичные области применения:
Rope Access Static Rope

Особенности и преимущества:
EN1891 conformity
Max life span 10 years
Good compatibility with hardware
Nylon yarns
Hard wearing & high strength
Easy to knot and flexible

Техническая информация:

КонструкцияMultiple Cores32-Plait
Удельный вес1.121.12