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8-Strand Polyester Anchorbraid

Made from an 8 strand or multiplait construction the rope is designed to absorb shock loads while being easy to terminate. The use of polyester avoids the issues associated with Nylon and UV.

The preferred anchor warp when chain is used as polyester retains more strength and flexibility with time than nylon. This rope splices easily to chain, runs well over chain winches and out of foredeck stowage without snagging. Anchorbraid is the best combination for anchorwarp.


Диаметр (mm)Масса (kg/100)Усилие на разрыв (kg)

Типичные области применения:
Anchor warps with chain
Winching & lifting

Особенности и преимущества:
Good running through hardware
No snags
Easily spliced
Ideal for anchorwarps with chain
Stays stronger and cleaner for longer

Техническая информация:

Конструкция8 Strand
Исходный материалПолиэстер
Удельный вес1.38
Устойчивость к воздействию кислотДа
Устойчивость к воздействию щелочиДа
Extension at 50%15%
Extension at Break25%