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Каталог продукции

Sprintline Brights

Sprintline Brights combine the performance of our best selling Sprintline range with the added benefit of neon fibres to produce a rope which is effective in low light. The English Braids Sprintline range features a 16-Plait hard wearing cover which is very durable over time.

The Sprintline range has also gone through an added process of being pre-stretched and heat set to help align the fibres and increase final strength of the finished product.

Available in a range of bright neon colours for ease of identification, especially is low light scenarios.


Диаметр (mm)Масса (kg/100)Усилие на разрыв (kg)

Типичные области применения:
Dinghy halyards
Dinghy control lines
Leach lines

Особенности и преимущества:
16-plait polyester cover
Polyester core
Heat set and pre-stretched
Extensive colour range
Lower extension with high tenacity
Supple and easy to handle
Easily identified
Good longevity

Техническая информация:

Конструкция16 Plait
Исходный материалПолиэстер
Удельный вес1.38
Устойчивость к воздействию кислотДа
Устойчивость к воздействию щелочиДа
Устойчивость к ультрафиолетовому излучениюДа
Термоустойчивость^230 C
Extension at 50%5%